The Importance of Kokoda

2017 marked 75 years since the battle of Kokoda in Papua New Guinea (PNG). This four month conflict is arguably Australia’s most significant campaign of the Second World War. Many of the local people in PNG had little knowledge of weapons of war, from guns and explosives to aeroplanes. Despite this, they contributed as untrained soldiers and provided important services to support the wounded soldiers. Today, it’s important we still acknowledge the sacrifice of all those who fought, those who paid the ultimate price of their lives and those who provided invaluable aid during war at Kokoda.

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Kokoda is still relevant to younger Australians

You might learn a little about this campaign in history classes or remember tales from older relatives who fought on Kokoda, but to visit these locations where young men fought and many died, is a sobering experience that can’t be taught in a classroom. As generations pass, it’s important to acknowledge this history and what it means for our two countries. By trekking Kokoda and contributing trekking fees, we can continue to support the local Kokoda communities, as a thank you for what their ancestors did for ours.

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Ultimate Adventure Ambassador Story

Tom Cunningham, winner of the Do Kokoda and High Sierra Ultimate Adventurer competition trekked the Kokoda Trail in the lead up to this and produced this film for the anniversary.

The first person to ever take a drone on the trek, Tom captured the beauty of the landscape and shared his Kokoda experience with us.