Fox Sports’ Kokoda Experience


In November 2017, 75 years on from World War II’s Battle of Kokoda, former State of Origin Blues representatives, Nathan Hindmarsh and Bryan Fletcher, alongside Fox Sports presenters James Rochford and Jessica Yates pulled on their hiking boots ready to take on the legendary Kokoda Track.

Unsure what lay ahead of them, they committed themselves to the challenge in hope to gain some understanding of what the soldiers in 1942 had to endure.

The group pushed their physical and mental limits, tackling the 96km trek in just five and a half days – a journey that typically takes between eight and 11 to complete. They wanted to emulate the soldiers experience as much as possible; right down to eating the same food – bully beef and crackers – and carrying their own packs…that didn’t last long.

Moved by the events that took place in each unique location along the track, they grew more appreciative of our Australian soldiers with every step. Nothing they researched even came close to the feelings evoked from being in the midst of the untamed, unrelenting jungle dotted with genuine war relics.

As the group reached iconic locations like Brigade Hill, Isurava, and Bomana War Cemetery, they’d each take a moment to contemplate the enormity of what these places meant and the history that was made there 75 years ago.
At Brigade Hill they tied poppies to the graves of soldiers in remembrance, at Isurava South Horizon’s lead guide Alan Manning read poems and stories aloud as part of a private ceremony. At Bomana they simply wandered silently as they reflected on the journey they’d taken and tried to fathom the huge loss of life that took place there.

It was the people they met along the Track that made a lasting impression, with each community warmly welcoming the group to their villages such as Efogi, Menari and Deniki. Armed with footballs, pencils and colouring books – the group made beautiful connections with the descendants of Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels- who helped our soldiers all those years ago.

While it is one of the worlds most respected and toughest treks, it is a trail that forges a bond between people. You rely on your mates out there, and the group did just that. They finished it how they started, together.
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