Laura Dundovic & Erin Holland


Two high profile Australian women, Laura Dundovic, former winner of Miss Universe Australia and Erin Holland, past winner of Miss World Australia, have swapped their heels for hiking boots to trek Papua New Guinea’s (PNG’s) renowned Kokoda Track.

Laura and Erin took on the challenging eight day trek with the hope that the story of their journey would encourage more women to trek Kokoda.

Laura, a model, actress and self-confessed tomboy at heart, jumped at the opportunity to trek Kokoda for two reasons, firstly to challenge herself physically on a trek more commonly completed by men. Secondly, to follow in the footsteps of her grandfather Sir Thomas Blamey, the controversial Commander and Chief of Australian forces in the Kokoda campaign. Far from any catwalk, trekking Kokoda was more than just a physical challenge for Laura, learning the history of the campaign and retracing the steps of her grandfather, made this a profoundly personal and emotional experience.

Erin brought her bubbly and enthusiastic personality, together with her keen sense of adventure to tackle the arduous task. Not knowing what to expect on her trek, Erin rode a roller coaster of emotions as she trekked across the gruelling Owen Stanley Range. Trekking Kokoda and visiting the various battle sites had a life changing impact on Erin, as did visiting the local communities, where she met the local children who were benefitting from the trekkers and charities which support the Kokoda trail.

With both their physical, mental and emotional limits pushed, both women completed Kokoda, taking away more than they anticipated and a sense of unrivalled accomplishment.

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Laura and Erin on Kokoda's History

Whether you have a good knowledge of the history of the Kokoda campaign or not, trekking Kokoda has a profound impact on any Australian who walks in our servicemen’s footsteps.

Laura and Erin share their experiences and what it has meant to them to take this rite of passage.

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Laura and Erin's Top Tips for Women

First-timers or experienced trekkers alike will have their own best tips for trekking Kokoda.

Erin and Laura have put together their top 6 tips for women who are up for the challenge of one of the most demanding treks in the world.

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