Giving back

Everyone comes to Kokoda for a different reason, and most people leave a different person.

But trekking Kokoda doesn’t just change the lives of the trekkers.

Many Australians come home with an overwhelming appreciation for the communities who live along the Kokoda trail now, and their Fuzzy Wuzzy Angel ancestors before them.

Income from trekkers is a vital lifeline for local communities along the track. Every trekker is required to purchase a permit, and a portion of these fees are given to communities, invested in the track and used for projects to improve education, healthcare and the environment.

Still, many feel like doing more.

KTF is an Australian aid organisation providing sustainable solutions in education, health, livelihoods and leadership in Papua New Guinea (PNG).

KTF supports communities in PNG to overcome the tremendous challenges they face today. From a lack of adequate health care, to 600,000 children who are unable to attend school because of the lack of teachers to resources, infrastructure and government capacity. We aim to make a tangible impact in the lives of the most vulnerable.

KTF works in partnership with communities, identifies their needs and strengths, and together implement projects that achieve long term outcomes. KTF’s vision is for a PNG where every child has access to a free, high quality education, communities have access to high quality, reliable and affordable healthcare, people can access diverse business opportunities, energy and clean water, and the future leaders of PNG are empowered.

Watch Laura and Erin as they learn about the KTF’s activities, seeing first-hand the work which will benefit the local community for generations to come.

If you would like to enrich the lives of Papua New Guineans who live along the Kokoda trail, we recommend donating directly to the KTF using the button below.

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