Sylvia's Story

Once David & I made the decision to do Kokoda the research began. We have never done an adventure holiday in a group before but found that Adventure Bound had everything we were looking for and they just felt right. We asked our kids (mid 20’s) if they wanted to come along and they were keen for the adventure. The trip itself was very well organised with Olly being flexible based on situations that arose. Every member of the group was treated equally and respectfully regardless of ability level and personal need. We learnt a lot from Olly with his knowledge of the Kokoda campaign and wars in general. The memorials at Brigade Hill and Isurava really highlighted the sacrifice of our diggers and the Fuzzy Wuzzy angels. It was a beautiful family experience for us and an emotional time of achievement when we walked through the Kokoda arches together at the end.
The track itself is spectacular with the added experience of the lovely villages we passed through.
We had done a fair bit of training in the months leading up to starting but were still a bit anxious about how hard it would be and whether we could cope with the intensity (we are in our mid 50’s). In the end we all coped well and didn’t find it to be the difficult struggle we imagined it would be. Even though there were long days of walking it wasn’t at a fast pace so we could fall into a rhythm behind our lead porter Jack and try to look up occasionally instead of concentrating on our feet. There are regular stops to talk about the campaign, cross rivers or just rest.
The porters were an experience unto themselves and I would highly recommend having a personal porter. Not only did it make the trek easier but it added a local dimension where you had someone looking out for you and helping you when needed. They were genuinely concerned for our wellbeing. The food was amazing – Freddie is a wonder!

MAY 2018